The mystery of it all

just pulls you in

so you think you've got what it takes?
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- girls and guys are welcome to apply
- if you are rejected, don't take it personally, just take yourself off the member list. or you can reapply in a few days with new pics
- if the majority of votes is yes [at least 51%] then you are accepted. if it is a tie, the manager of the community will have the deciding vote.
- only member votes will count. if you aren't a member, don't bother, your vote will be deleted
- you will be officially accepted or rejected within two days of your post
- if you are accepted, you are on probation until you promote us to two communities, then you become a full member [any questions, just ask] to make a link to this community, you can use the following code: <lj user=cause4intrigue>

- use the LJ-cut for all of the application please [details and application posted at the bottom]
- bold the questions, not the answers. [make sure you write your answers after the end bold tag after every question]
- black font only
- no nude or sexual pictures, this is a clean community
- no super large or super small pictures if possible
- post 3 or more pictures of yourself: 1 headshot, 1 funny shot [let us know you have a sense of humor, we want to make sure our members aren't deadbeats with no personality], and 1 other shot of your choice
- make sure that you are not on rich text mode when you are doing the application

- feel free to tell applicants how you feel about them... they signed up for this. constructive critisizm is greatly appreciated
- you must vote frequently or you will be taken off the members list[you will be warned a couple times before you're booted]. please remember, this is a rating community, and without voting members it is nothing
- when voting, put yes or no in the subject box. in the comment box, write why you voted this
- if you're going to leave, just write a simple post and leave, don't make a big deal about it
- post frequently.... give us ideas, post pictures of yourself, hot celebrities, or just funny pictures that will make us laugh, just make sure to always use the LJ-cut to post pictures

- any registered LJ user can post pictures for the theme
- the theme will be posted occasionally, there is no set times when the themes will change. the theme change will be obvious.... there will be a picture with the words "the new theme is" followed by the new theme written on it.
- xboundaries is the only one who officially changes the themes, but we are always open to suggestions
- the theme is just for fun... the pictures you post do not have to go along with the theme

just copy and paste this into your entry box, fill it out [not on rich text mode, of course], and post it

<lj-cut text="application">
<b>something special about you:</b>

<b>tv shows:</b>

<b>homosexuality/gay rights:</b>

<b>make us laugh:</b>
<b>what are some of your fears?</b>
<b>5 things you like about yourself:</b>
<b>5 qualities you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend:</b>
<b>boxers or briefs?</b>

<img src="picture url here">
<img src="picture url here">
<img src="picture url here">


questions? xboundaries