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wow this application was awesome everything was like done for me thanks guys :P

sex:yea please...heheh....female
single/taken?single the moment....*tear*
something special about you:i am special :D......ok i guess i have a freaky/hyper nature and my friends all have fun when i am around :) ....i also have healing powers ....yes........... powers..... .. .
hobbies:hiking, rock climbing, mountain climbing (yup i climbed Mt.Nemo), modeling (im joining an agency right now lol), horseback riding, winning things, hollering at hot guys in cars, scaring the little ones (kids).....running away from the men in white coats.......

bands/singers: lost prophits, switchfoot, evanescence, billy talent cuz im listening to them right now, something corporate, trapt, linkin park,bright eyes, story of the yearm the rasmus, HIM, oasis....lots more
movies:harold and kumar go to white castle, scary movie, the ring, the exorcist, peter paaan(jeremy sumpter), harry potter muahahahahaa(tom felton),oceans 11, brad pitt, xmen......oh sorry brads not a movie .....heh...
tv shows:the O.C., FAMILY GUY, americas next top model, gilmore girls, brad pitt,degrassi (im canadian sorry bout the brad again.... jeez whats wrong with me...
stores:Borderline- in t.o., steves music store, clik klak, bootlegger, silk n satin, la senza, coals...yes i like to read....
food:spaghetti, ice cream, anything not healthy...heheh....
season:winter, nice and cold, no bugs

drugs/drinking/smoking:stupid/stupid/stupid.........ok well so i smoked a little but i quit easily and didnt do it for long, and drinking is ok with friends i guess, but drugs....Big no-no
abortion:not cool, killing a baby, it could change ur life for the better, it has a right to life u cant take it away, but i guess im pro-choice cuz of rape n all....
homosexuality/gay rights:obviously im juuuuust kidding, some of my friends are bi and im cool with it, im not but hey gayness is fine how can you control who you love? Gay Pride :)

make us laugh:oh wow.....on the this is NOT gonna pass....ok? ok...i think we agree i am NOT funny.....oh...whats this?!! my new icon :)

what are some of your fears?being naked on stage :S but thats everybodies fear:S...unless u know...ur a stripper.... i am afraid of the dark :( deep dark secret haunting me all my life, word getting out that i wear good nights..... :(....lmao! noooo im kidding!! oh god im soo kidding.......8-) ... ...
5 things you like about yourself:smart, hyper, careless, nice, i like my eyes.... hehe.....
5 qualities you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend:besides looking for 'a' boyfriend, i guess he'd have to hott heheh... funny, caring, smart, happy, clean, clean, clean, not ...dirty, and we have to mesh well together :) i think ive found that guy but hes 50 bIlLiOn MILES AWAY!! is cruel.....but hes gonna get his license soon and drive up to see me so its all good....thanks for reading my romantic done now.... ...just need a moment to myself..... .. .. .
boxers or briefs?nothin ;)

oh what a serious actor i am...i was actualy hyper when i took this last picture haha...
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