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name: Megan Michele, Megs
age: 15
sex: Chicka
something special about you: I write poetry well, and want to become a famous writer when I "grow up"
hobbies: Helping out my friends, photography, writing, music, reading, hanging out, rollarblading, AIM, talking, shopping, shooting hoops, and watching TV/movies.



- Matchbook Romance
- Fall Out Boy
- Ashlee Simpson
- Bayside
- Joydrop
- The Early November
- Taking Back Sunday
- Franz Ferdinand
- My Chemical Romance
- Evanescence
- Brand New
- Blink 182 (older stuff)
- Yellowcard
- Alanis Morissette
- Jewel
- Billy Talent
- Our Lady Peace
- Thursday
- Dashboard
- Thrice
- Taproot
- Less Than Jake


- 50 First Dates
- CatWoman
- Scary Movie 3
- The Ring
- Gothika
- Edward Scissorhands
- Monty Python and the Holy Grail
- Bill and Teds excellent adventure
- Finding Nemo!
- A Walk To Remember

tv shows:

- Strong Medicine
- The Missing
- Golden Girls
- Boy Meets World
- The Nanny
- Recess
- Full House


- Thrift Stores
- Hot Topic
- Buckle
- Spencers
- Target
- Claires

- Mexican Food

- Fall


drugs/drinking/smoking: 3 Different things with 3 different explanations.

-First of all drugs, no. I will never do drugs and I don't think anyone should (unless of course they're legal) My cousin is in jail for cocaine use while on probation, stupid move on his part. Drugs ruin lives.

-As for drinking, I have done it so I can't say I'm opposed. I think as long as you are responsible and with people you trust it's fine to do every once in a while. When it becomes a habbit is where I begin to draw the line. No one likes a drunk.

-Finally, smoking. I will NEVER smoke. Basically, I've been smoking since I've been in my mothers stomach. She and my dad smoke, therefor it's like I smoke. Second hand smoke == NOT good. If I were to take up smoking it would be twice as bad. I already get bronchitis and stuff and the doctors ask if I smoke. I'm lung cancer waiting to happen. *sigh* Well, that was rather depressing.

abortion: Not my choice, but it doesn't mean I'm against it. I have never been put into the situation where I'd have to have an abortion. I don't agree having sex and then having abortions all the time because that's just not right, but if it's a life or death situation I think it's necessary. It's two sided for me and always will be, unless of course I need to have one, then who knows.

homosexuality/gay rights: Homosexuals should have ALL (and when I say all I mean marriage too) the same rights as heterosexuals. It's discrimination any other way and shouldn't be tolerated. You can't help who you love, as cliche as that is.


make us laugh: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

what are some of your fears? Death, Heights, Spiders, and being alone
5 things you like about yourself:

- Caring/giving
- My writing
- I'm not stupid
- Sense of humor
- My hair

5 qualities you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend:

- Romantic
- Sweet
- Loyal
- Funny
- Spontaneous

boxers or briefs? Boxers

Head Shot
My Choice

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