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alrighty then

name: kelsey rudolph
age: 14
sex: female
something special about you: i can roll my tongue!
hobbies: my family owns horsesand i take care of them every day

bands/singers: i like almost everything thats not too rocky and rappy...
movies: dirty dancing
tv shows: spongebob
stores: charolette russe
food: WHITE fish
season summer... im a cold person

drugs/drinking/smoking: never
abortion: yucky gross no because i saw videos of babies jumping inside their mother! how can you kill that?
homosexuality/gay rights: :-/ noo

make us laugh:
what are some of your fears? getting onstage
5 things you like about yourself: my body, my hair, my nails, my personality, my eyes
5 qualities you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend: sense of humor, personality, pants that arent too baggy but arent hiked, nice looking hands (dont ask why...), potential to succeed
boxers or briefs? boxers :-D

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you are absolutely adorable!
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