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hey everyone!! please help me get this community started!  it will be awesome once we get a few elite members.

here's the steps to really become an elite member of this community:

  • first, become a member of this community so you can post
  • im going to be real leniant at first.... all you have to do is copy and paste the questionaire in the community's info and fill it out.  along with the questionaire, attach 2 or 3 clear pictures of yourself
  • since there are no members at the moment because i just started this, i will be judging who becomes an elite member.  once this community gets rolling, members will judge yes or no if the user should be part of the community.  a majority 'yes' vote will get you elite member status

elite members:

  • must have good pictures (nothin against ugly people, but this community is for people who are very confident in themselves, dont mind being judged by other people, natural beauty, the whole ordeal  (**NOTE: please only post pictures with a LJ cut tag. if you dont know how, then ask!!)
  • get to judge new incoming 'elite wanna-be's".  votes posted by members who are not elite will not count. no exceptions.

trust me, this might sound weird at first glance, but it will be lots of fun.  join and find out, and start posting!!

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