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just thought i'd give you guys my info :)

just thought i'd give you guys my info :)

name: Lindsay
age: 16
sex: female
something special about you:
hobbies: riding horses, collecting those picture key chains you get from roller coasters

bands/singers: i dont really have a favorite... i like good music in general lol not very specific
movies: the butterfly effect, the emporer's new groove, stand up comedies... i also have a long list of movies i like.... i'll just say i like scary, action, and comedy, how's that hehe
tv shows:queer eye for the straight guy (im straight, but that show is just sooo funny!), fairly odd parents (yaaa dont ask lol)
stores:pacific sunwear, charlotte russe, bob's
food: hot pockets!!
season:i like them all for different reasons.... summer, no school and swimming; fall, perfect temperature and my birthday; winter, snowboarding, snow in general is awesome lol; spring, perfect temperature, and it looks so pretty haha

drugs/drinking/smoking:they're all bad habits. i can have fun without using all that crap
abortion:murder. an unborn baby is still alive.
homosexuality/gay rights:i have nothing against gay people, but i believe that god made adam and eve, not adam and steve...

make us laugh: thats my sister and brother trying on my grandfather's glasses lol
what are some of your fears?balloons (its a real phobia... sounds stupid i know lol but its the fact that they could pop unexpectadly and i cant stand that for some reason), dying alone
5 things you like about yourself:my eyes, my personality, my stomach, i can make friends easily because im very outgoing, my hair
5 qualities you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend:sense of humor, good looking, nice hands (same as kelsey [xoluvpinkxo]... dont ask lol), honest, outgoing
boxers or briefs? boxers

(sorry, its one of the only face shots i have.... better ones later)
(i do have this face shot... but its kinda strange and really freaky close-up haha)
(me and my brother lol... we think we're gangster, even though we're doing the 'i love you' sign haha)
(hmmm, this is me with a random man on stilts sitting on my shoulder... just added it because its funny)

well, these aren't the greatest pics, sorry about that... but i will eventually post more. :)

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